James Crane-Baker's Face I had a nice career as a professional (according to the major banks on Wall Street) rock thrower. My colleagues and I wrote a book detailing our misadventures. After 10 years of hurling rocks I went south in search of mountains to climb, which turned into living in Rio. Along the way I learned Portuguese, built a Latin American web network which a swell company acquired and co-founded YesPlz! with Mike. I loved and continue to love Kiva. These days I predict the future @PsychSignal built with SmogFarm technology. If you need to contact me please do so by email cranebaker@gmail.com, via direct message @seeingfurther, or via relay chat by sending a message to seeingfurther on irc.freenode.net. If you prefer a more professional bio .

I live in New Orleans New York Rio de Janeiro Paris Santa Barbara San Francisco Miami. I spend my days caring for my leopard and working on startups I founded (acquired), dreamt up & fund (deadpool #FML) & fund (acquired).

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Baptize the blues in blood red wine